Thank you for making our first MONTHLY bottle drive a success!


We would like to thank everyone who contacted us to donate bottles today and those who have been dropping bottles off at the depot for us, for their generosity.  We collected a lot of bottles today.  Your support is greatly appreciated.  Special thanks to Brewsters for their generous donation as well.

We will be back on November 21 collecting bottles so please save yours up and keep your eyes open for our notice next month.  If you’d like to get those bottles off your hands sooner, you can drop them off at the South Pointe depot.  Just mention at the desk that you would like your money to go to the New Brighton Elementary Parent’s Association, when you drop off.

See you next month!!


UPDATE: Construction of 101 new Alberta schools to be delayed – Calgary – CBC News


via Construction of 101 new Alberta schools to be delayed – Calgary – CBC News.

The Alberta government just released an announcement that 101 new Alberta schools will be delayed in construction.  The article is included above.  Our K-4 school is NOT on the list, however the Dr. Martha Cohen (grades 5-9) school is.  Recently, we announced that the Dr. Martha Cohen School’s opening date was revised from September 2016 to January 2017.  We are hopeful that this is the revised date and that no further revisions will be made as the construction site is progressing nicely.  We will provide any further updates as they become available.

Introducing Monthly Bottle Collection and Daily Drop Off


Do you have bottles* that you’d like to donate to a good cause?  We’ll take them off your hands!

Due to the success of our bottle drives held over the last few months at various New Brighton events, we’ve decided to collect bottles on a more regular basis.  If you are interested in donating your empties to the New Brighton Elementary Parent’s Association, in support of the new K-4 school, there are two ways you can now do so.

  1.  Take your bottles to the South Pointe Depot (located on 126 Ave behind the Home Depot) ( and drop them off.  Let the employees know that you would like the proceeds to go to the New Brighton Elementary Parent’s Association.
  2. Email your name and address to and we will arrange to pick up your bottles on the third Saturday of every month.

Thank you for your support and please help us to spread the word by sharing this initiative with friends and family in the area!

NOTE:  We are only able to pick-up bottles from households in the community of New Brighton.  If people outside of the community would like to donate, please have them bring their bottles to the depot or drop them off at a New Brighton residence for pick-up.

*All beverage containers are now accepted in Alberta for recycle.  This includes juice boxes, milk cartons or jugs, plastic bottles, glass bottles, cans, even foil juice pouches and polycups (plastic cups with foil lids).

Vote Daily for our School


Hi everyone!  We have submitted an “idea” to try and win funding for our new school’s playground.  Funds come from the Aviva Community Fund and require the most votes to win.  Voting begins on Tuesday Oct 6 and continues until Oct 23.  Each person can vote for our idea once daily.  We ask that you please support us by voting each day and forwarding this onto all of your family and friends to solicit their votes.  Let’s band together and win some funds for our school playground!  The link for the voting site is below.

Thanks for your support!