New Brighton Elementary Student Designation

Please see the photos below for a newsletter released December 16, 2015 regarding designation of students for the new elementary school in New Brighton.  

Note that we have received a lot of feedback regarding concerns for the 2016/17 grade 4 students and the possibility of them being able to attend the K-4 school despite the proposed soft opening, in lieu of Dr. Martha Cohen being behind schedule. We have contacted the Area 5 Director, Sydney Smith, and have learned that there is a possibility of changing this. We are currently working on a means to collect names of those parents who would be supportive of the grade 4s attending the new school rather than bussing to Acadia school until Dr. Martha Cohen opens. We have been informed that there will be open houses in the new year to discuss the new schools and at these, we hope to start discussions with CBE and the new principal regarding the possibility of changing the current plan. Please watch for more updates on this in the near future.



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