Petition for 2016/17 Grade 4s

As many of you may have heard by now, the CBE plans on opening the new elementary school as a K-3 school and the middle school as a 4-8 school in the first year (2016/17). Because of the delay in the middle school (January 2017 opening), this suggests all grade 4 students would be unable to attend school in the community of New Brighton until the middle school is completed. After feedback from concerned parents in the community and discussions with the CBE Area V Director, we have learned that it may be possible to alter the original plan should public support be sufficient (and of course other requirements be met as per the principal and the CBE). In an effort to demonstrate the public support of allowing the 2016 Grade 4 class to attend the elementary school in September, we have created a “petition” to collect names.

If you are a resident of New Brighton and you would like to allow the 2016/17 grade 4 students to attend school in our community in September instead of elsewhere while they await the middle school opening, please consider signing this “petition” ( A link to the petition can also be found at the top right (if on a computer) or near the bottom of the page if you scroll down on mobile devices) Thank you for your support.

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