UPDATE Dr. Martha Cohen September 2016 Grade 5s

In our effort to help inform parents of students attending Dr. Martha Cohen for the 2016/17 school year, until a parent fundraising society is formed for that school, we would like to report the following new information from last night’s CBE meeting regarding the status of the September 2016 grade 5 class.  This meeting was open to the public and was attended by the principals of all of the new public schools in New Brighton and Copperfield, as well as Area V staff and Planning and Transportation staff.

Due to a lack of space to house all of the grade 5-8 kids together in either R.T. Aldermann or David Thompson schools, the CBE has determined the following course of action:

  • Students entering grade 5 in September 2016 will not be able to attend at the same location as the other Dr. Martha Cohen students due to lack of space available.
  • Parents of 2016/17 grade 5s have been given two options.  Only ONE of these options will go forward for the 2016/17 school year.  The CBE requires your feedback in order to decide which option will be chosen.

OPTION A:  Grade 5 students can attend at the New Brighton School for the entire 2016/17 school year.  Classes would be New Brighton students only. Students from both communities would join and move to Dr. Martha Cohen for grade 6.

OPTION B:  Grade 5 students from both New Brighton and Copperfield communities would be combined and a “school within a school” system with Dr. Martha Cohen staff would be formed.  Students would attend at the New Brighton School until Dr. Martha Cohen opens, at which point, they would move into that school with their classes, teachers intact.

Due to the need for planning, the CBE asks for feedback on which of these two options you would prefer to be submitted by March 15.  They hope to have a decision made and communicated out before spring break.  Forms were emailed out to all Grade 4 parents.  They are to be returned to your current school.  A copy of the form can be found here:  Dr Martha Cohen gr 5 Expression of Interest

In addition to the choices above, a few other points of interest that were discussed at the meeting are below:

  • The CBE plans on having a better idea of the construction status of Dr. Martha Cohen within the next few weeks.  They will report any changes to status as soon as that information becomes available.  Currently, January 2017 is still the anticipated opening date.
  • Principal Jeff Hartl discussed that his personal preference is to move forward with Option B as it allows the kids from both communities to come together sooner and allows an earlier transition into the middle school which mirrors other middle schools in the city that include grade 5s in their student bodies.
  • Buses will be provided for Copperfield kids attending at New Brighton School, should Option B become the direction moving forward.
  • 2016/17 grades 6-8 will attend at Wilma Hansen middle school in Queensland starting in September until Dr. Martha Cohen School is complete.  New Brighton and Copperfield students will be placed together in classrooms with their Dr. Martha Cohen teachers.  This will run as a “school within a school” system.  When the new school opens, students will move with their classes and teachers.  The only change will be the physical location of where they are attending school.  Buses will be provided to transport students to Queensland until the new school opens.

We hope this information is helpful.  We remind you that CBE has a feedback form at the bottom of the Dr. Martha Cohen website should you have any questions or concerns.



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