Dr. Martha Cohen Grade 5s Decision

The CBE has made a decision regarding where 2016/17 grade 5 students will attend school for the 2016/17 school year.  Last week parents were given the ability to provide feedback regarding the placement of these students in lieu of a lack of space at Dr. Wilma Hansen (where the remaining grade 6-8 students will attend until the school opens).  Two choices were given and parents were asked to select their preference.

The choices were:

OPTION A:  Grade 5 students can attend at the New Brighton School for the entire 2016/17 school year.  Classes would be New Brighton students only. Students from both communities would join and move to Dr. Martha Cohen for grade 6.

OPTION B:  Grade 5 students from both New Brighton and Copperfield communities would be combined and a “school within a school” system with Dr. Martha Cohen staff would be formed.  Students would attend at the New Brighton School until Dr. Martha Cohen opens, at which point, they would move into that school with their classes, teachers intact.

The option that the CBE has decided to go with is OPTION B.  Students will attend at New Brighton School with their teachers and will move, with teachers, to DMC once it opens in the new year.  More information can be found in the document here: Notice for Dr Martha Cohen

Please note that feedback to the CBE can be made via the DMC website:  http://www.cbe.ab.ca/schools/building-and-modernizing-schools/Pages/new-brighton-copperfield-middle-school.aspx


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