1st Class – After Class Registraton is Open

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Registration is now open for 1st Class – After Class before and after school care programs at both the New Brighton Clubhouse and at the New Brighton School.  Details on pricing, hours and programming can be found at www.1stclassafterclass.com.  Specific details on each program can be found via the links at the top of the page.  Note that there are separate  registration forms for each program.

Registration forms for the programs can be found on the website or directly via these links:

New Brighton Club After Class Registration: New Brighton Clubhouse After Class Program Registration

New Brighton School After Class Registration: New Brighton School After Class Program Registration

Recap – Grade 1-4 Info Session from May 26

Last night, principal Jeff Hutton and the staff from the New Brighton School held an information session for parents of the 2016/17 grades 1-4 students who will be attending the new school in the fall.  Below is a recap of some of the topics discussed for those who missed it:

In attendance:  Principal Jeff Hutton, Vice Principal Dayna McComish, Administration Secretary Angie Kulba, numerous teachers who have already been hired to work at the school, 1st Class – After Class (designated before and after school program to run out of the school), New Brighton Elementary Parent’s Association

The presentation made by Jeff Hutton can be found here: Presentation Grades 1-4

Points of Note:

School Opening Information:

  • Occupancy of school expected early to mid August
  • Open house will likely be held late August
  • School slated to start on September 6th
  • Unpack a Box evening for volunteer parents to come help unpack and set up the school  will occur in August as well.  Great opportunity for first glimpse of the school, meeting staff and other parents and helping ensure a speedy and effective start to the new school opening.


  • Permanent school website will replace current temporary one around mid June.  Same web address will direct you to the new site.
  • Email and texting will likely be options for notifying parents of communications for the school once it opens.  Some emails will be automatic and some you will have to opt in by choice to receive notifications due to anti-spam laws
  • Teachers will have daily agendas, homework and communications via emails to parents


  • Miss Lysak hired as music specialist
  • Will be a physical education specialist hired in some capacity
  • Still hiring more staff, administration positions, lunch room supervisors
  • 3/4 of staff already hired.  The rest to be hired over next few weeks
  • Staff meetings are starting up

Student Transitioning:

  • Staff are being very careful to ensure the students know it will be similar to Acadia and other schools regarding learning programs and such.  New school building but otherwise will be very similar to their previous experiences with school.
  • Principal Hutton has been meeting and working with Acadia staff to help put students together that are friends/familiar so that familiar faces are together in classes to ease transition.  Class lists are not yet made up, however.
  • Principal Hutton has been meeting with Acadia grades 1-3 students to discuss what they would like to see, or see as important to them in their new school.
  • When parent’s decide on the details of where kids will be going for lunch (ie staying at school or going home) they are asked to communicate this to the students.  Don’t assume your children know, but rather communicate it clearly.  Students have been bussing to a school and are used to eating at the school for some time so may need additional reminders.  Parents and school staff will work together to understand where each student should be over lunch.  If there are any uncertainties, students will be kept at the school as a precaution.

School Class Size Expectations (tentative as registration is ongoing)

K     6 classes of 22 students each

1     4 classes of 20 students each

2     4 classes of 22 students each

3     3 classes of 22 students each

4     2 classes of 24 students each

TASC (specialized social skills with younger learners within community and from other areas in the deep SE corner)    1 class of 8-10 students

5     4 classes of 25 students each (consists of both New Brighton and Copperfield children and Dr. Martha Cohen staff and will leave school once new school opens (est. January 2017).

Next Steps for Parents

The parents of the New Brighton School students are asked to complete the steps in the following link as soon as possible to help ease the transitioning.

You only need to complete the CBE Account if you do not yet have one.  If you have one through another school within the CBE, you do not need to complete this step.

Parents are asked to complete the TOP 4 THINGS YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT MY CHILD by JUNE 15.

LINK:  Next steps for Parents

Q&A From Parents 

Q: Will the soccer field behind the school be fenced in?

A: (JH) There will be no fences on the park side of the school.  This field will be used daily by the students and will be open for access to the school when walking through the park.

Q:Will there be additional transitioning help for students needing it that are coming from alternative schools?

A:  (JH)  If there are children that are coming from alternative schools that parents believe need additional transitioning help, please email the school at newbrighton@cbe.ab.ca.

Q:  When will we know the class lists?

A: (JH) Tentative class lists will be posted on the first day with the teachers waiting at the lists, as is standard with other CBE schools.  They are considered tentative because of ongoing registration and subsequent need to accomodate late registrations as well as any needs that may come up where it may be necessary or beneficial to move students around.  Expect to have students in permanent classes by 10-15 days in with no movement thereafter.  More info on the first day of school will be put on the website.

Q:  Can we please get more informaton on bussing?

A:  (JH) There will be no bussing for New Brighton School.

Q:  Can we get more information on school fees?

A:  (JH) School fees not set yet but typically run around $200 per year for lunch fees for those staying for lunch at the school.  Kindergarten fees are typically around $15 and cover all supplies.  Grades 1-4 typically around $35-40 for supplies.  There will be further discussions around a one time field trip fee upfront at the start of the year versus paying per trip, however this will only be for Kindergarden.  For grades 1-4 there is still too much uncertainty around how the field trips will look for the year so this will need to be done on a trip by trip basis.

Q:  Will there be a swimming program, considering the pools are so far away?

A:  (JH) We will definitely consider a swimming program but it is very difficult to get into the pools if you do not already have an ongoing program.  Chances of a K-4 full school swimming program is unlikely.

Q:  Will there be opportunities for programs (such as skating lessons) at the Resident’s Association Club House?

A:  We are discussing opportunities to utilize the facilities at the clubhouse.

Q:  When can we expect to see a playground?

A:  (JH) Playgrounds run around $200 000 to build.  Fundraising has been ongoing by the NBEPA who have currently raised around $10 000 in the last year.  There are also many grants available to them to help with funding.  Even if funds were available, however, the CBE typically waits one year after opening to assess where puddles form around the school as well as other issues to ensure that playgrounds are placed in ideal locations where there will not be any issues.  As such, there will not be a playground built in the first year.  There will be games, balls and other outdoor toys for the kids to use during recess and lunch breaks.  Staff will be on hand to work with the kids to teach them typical playground games such as four square etc…

(PH – Secretary NBEPA) Verified that Jeff’s assessment of cost and funds raised were correct.  Discussed the importance of volunteers helping with fundraisers and a key part in ensuring we have effective fundraisers and how it allows us to have both more and larger fundraisers that also speed up the process for us.  Typically we are looking for no more than 1-2 hours per event from a parent helper.  More people also means less time commitment.

Additonal Questions/Concerns

Best way to contact the school is currently via email at newbrighton@cbe.ab.ca.  You can request a phone back via email if you prefer to communicate that way.





Cancelled – May Bottle Drive



Due to our regularly scheduled May bottle drive falling on the long weekend, we have decided to cancel the bottle drive this month.  We will, however, be holding a big drive at the New Brighton Clubhouse on June 11 in conjunction with the 3 on 3 basketball tournament being held that day.  Please consider hanging onto your bottles until then if you would like to support the school kids.

Alternatively, you can drop off bottles at the Southpointe Bottle Depot anytime.  Just give them our name when you drop off so they can ensure the money goes to the New Brighton Elementary Parent’s Association.

Thank you for your understanding and support.

Save the Date: Upcoming Information Sessions



There will be two upcoming information sessions for New Brighton School.

Grades 1-4 will have an open house at McKenzie Towne School on Thursday, May 26 starting at 6:30pm.  We will be there as well to talk about some of our fundraising efforts and answer questions.  The full invite with the details can be found below:

Open House Invitation

There will be an information meeting for the Kindergarten kids at Acadia School on Thursday, June 2 at 6:45pm.  Details are in the invitation below:

Kindergarten Information Session Invite

We strongly encourage parents to attend these events as they are a very valuable source of information and allows parents the ability to ask questions, relay suggestions and express concerns directly.


New Construction Photos

There has been lots of action at the new school site the last few days as they started moving the modular classrooms into place.  We grabbed some photos of the action.  Most of the work lately has been internal so it was exciting to have something we could actually see!

We’ve added the photos to our Construction Photo page.  They will be located at the bottom.  Link is here: Construction Photos