First Day of School and Other School Info



A back to school information letter and FAQs were sent out to New Brighton school parents today.  We have included a copy of those documents at the bottom of this posting.

Items of note are:

  • First day of school is SEPTEMBER 6.
  • First day of school for grades 1-4 will have the students brought into the gym (with any parents also interested in staying) where teachers and class lists will be presented
  • An open house and an unpack a box even is anticipated for August prior to the school opening
  • The new website for the school and updates on the school can be found at 
  • Staggered entry times for the Kindergarten students can be found at the Back 2 School link below
  • Parents are asked to fill out the “Top 4 Things You Should Know About My Child” questionnaire at to help teachers get to know their child.
  • Parents are asked to fill out lunch registration forms ASAP to help with staffing for September.

Back 2 School – New Brighton 2016   

New Brighton Q and A June14

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