Fundraising Goals

With the new school year starting in under two weeks, we would like to share our fundraising goals.  We are still far from our goal.  It has been challenging fundraising without a student body and/or volunteers, but we are looking forward to a productive year ahead.

NOTE:  A copy of this post has been posted as a page on our website and we will update this information as money is raised.

Our main goal for our fundraising efforts, because it is the largest single expense for a new school, and an important part of student’s social interaction, is to raise enough money to build a playground.  In addition to this, we have been working with Principal Hutton to determine other needs for the school such as additional gym supplies, books, electronics and learning tools which we will also direct funds to as needed.  Once the school opens, field trips and extra programs such as swimming, in-line skating, artist in residence etc…are also often funded, at least in part, by a school’s fundraising society such as us.

Below is a graph depicting our current goal (based on the estimated cost of a playground to support a school of 600 students) and what we have raised in the last year towards it.

Fundraising Graph

Fundraising Chart 81016

While there are many grants and donation possibilities, including a casino, that we will be taking advantage of to help raise funds for this playground, fundraisers such as our bottle drives, silent auction and other ongoing events are very important to add to our goal as well as to meet some of the matching fund requirements of the grants.


Without the help of volunteers, our effectiveness as a fundraising group, and in turn, the amount of resources and programs we can fund for the school, is limited.

We understand that people are busy, that they have other priorities and volunteering your time can be very difficult.  Without volunteer help, however, we can not be successful in reaching our goals.  More volunteers means:

  • Ability to run more and/or larger fundraisers with the result being more funds to go directly to the school in a shorter time.
  • Less time commitment per person resulting in increased likelihood of volunteer and board member retention.  This, in turn, results in a much more effective and efficient group.
  • Teaches children about the importance of giving back and working towards a common goal.

With the opening of the new school in a few weeks, we strongly encourage you to consider volunteering for our fundraising events.  We typically only require an hour or two of your time and if you help us recruit your friends and family, that amount can be reduced to even less.  Let’s make this school the best that it can be and provide these kids with the best tools and programs to supplement their learning.

To sign up for our volunteer list, please contact us at  We will also post volunteer requests on our social media sites as needs become available.

Before and After School Care


With the school year starting in a mere weeks, we’d like to remind parents of the before and after school care options that are available for New Brighton School.  Please note that there may be others that we have not been made aware of so this list is not necessarily comprehensive, but rather only the ones which we have been notified of and asked to share.

Four fantastic options can be found on our website page:

Success Comes From Volunteers


Non-profit societies such as school parent associations depend solely on volunteers to be effective.  Not only do these organizations have a volunteer board that decides on the group’s direction and events, but many volunteers are necessary for those events to be successful.

Volunteers are important to SUCCESS for a variety of reasons:

More people helping out means less overall time commitment per person so spread the word and get your neighbours and friends on board too.  Wouldn’t you rather volunteer if it only meant an hour of your time every few months, rather than a few hours every month?

Less time commitment per person means an increased likelihood of volunteer and board member retention which means a more effective and efficient group.  Relearning and reconnecting every time the group changes is wasted time that could be better spent working towards raising funds for the school.

More people mean more and/or larger fundraisers and that leads to more funds for the school and better efficiency.

Volunteering teaches children about the importance of giving back, teamwork, and working towards a common goal.  Get your kids involved.  It’s exciting to help raise funds for their new school.


Fact Parent associations are the only way schools are going to get the funding they need for programs, equipment and tools not included in CBE funding

Fact:  Parent associations NEED volunteers to be effective and effectiveness increases with the number of volunteers

Fact:  If everyone expects someone else to volunteer instead, there will be no volunteers


Don’t wait for someone else to step up.  Contact us to find out about the many ways you can help out.  We will have many different opportunities and can find one that suits you.  Help us be effective and help us ensure our students have the best tools possible for learning.


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