New Ongoing Fundraiser – Gift Cards

We are very excited to announce a new ongoing fundraiser for New Brighton School.  We will be selling gift cards to over 130 retailers, including grocery, gasoline, entertainment, restaurants and many more.

This fundraiser requires no out of pocket donations.

You purchase a $25 gift card and you get a $25 gift card!  A portion of the proceeds are donated to the New Brighton Elementary Parent’s Association.  It’s a win/win.  If you’re going to purchase groceries anyway, why not do so using gift cards that you’ve ordered through our FundScrip fundraiser?  Need gas?  Have some gift cards handy to pay for your gasoline and help the school kids get a playground at the same time.  You can even set up a recurring order for your everyday needs such as groceries or gasoline so you never have to forget to order your gift cards (instructions are here: Recurring Orders)

Cards will be directly mailed to you and payment can be made easily by electronic fund transfer (more money comes to us as we don’t have to cover the credit card fees), online bill payment feature or credit card.

These are fantastic for everyday use but with Christmas season around the corner, they also make great gifts for family, friends, teachers alike.  It’s open to anyone, anywhere because it is online so please let your family and friends know and help us spread the word.  Click on the link below to start buying your gift cards now and help us build the kids a playground!


September Promotions are shown below.


Below are only some of the retailers available.  Visit the website at to see them all.


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