Only 4 Days Left to Vote – Closes on Friday

Thank you to all of those who voted so far for our Aviva submission.  If you haven’t yet voted, please consider doing so.  It only takes a few moments to sign up (they need your info to ensure the vote is legitimate, anti-spam legislation allows you to opt out of emails so you don’t have to worry about being spammed).  You can cast all 18 of your votes at once.  Anyone 18 or over with an email address can vote so please pass this onto EVERYONE you know.  We need more than just our school community to vote in order to win.

Go here to vote:

Or visit and search for New Brighton School

We currently sit at 9866 votes (that’s approximately 548 people, assuming they cast all 18 votes for us).  Below is a chart to show where we need to be to make it to the final judging round.  We are in the Community Health (purple) $50 000-$100 000 category.


New Brighton School Council



Recently, our school formed it’s school council.  This is a separate group of parents who act as an advisory group to the school.  While the school council may do some light fundraising to help support and build the school community, the majority of fundraising will still be done via our fundraising association.  Below is an explanation of the two groups and how they have different roles.  Three of our board members are also serving on the school council.

We look forward to working with the school council on helping to ensure we have the best school for our kids.  Please follow them on Facebook at 




Help us Get More Votes!

We currently have over 9300 votes!  Thank you to everyone who voted and shared our submission so far.

Although this is a lot of votes, other similar submissions have more than 20 000 votes so we still have a long way to go to be in the running for this money!  Please help us build this playground!  Get your co-workers, friends, neighbours, family near and far to all vote for us.  Every vote counts!


Vote to get us a Playground!



Voting is now open for the Aviva Community Fund. We are trying to win $100 000 to help build our playground. With these funds we would be eligible for grants and likely would have enough to build the playground without further fundraising! Every person has 18 votes that can all be cast at once and anyone, anywhere can vote so please help us spread the word. Tell everyone!

It only takes 5 minutes of your time (at the most), costs you nothing and if you’re leary about signing up to vote because of spam, remember Canada’s anti-spam laws allow you to opt out of email spam at any time.

Click here to see our submission, register and vote!

Thank you for your support!

Clean Out Your Closets and Build a Playground!


With the winter weather creeping in, many of us are going through our clothing stashes as we put summer clothes away and bring out the winter sweaters.

Wondering what to do with those old clothes that no longer fit or that your little one refuses to wear because the sparkles aren’t quite right or the superhero is not their favourite anymore?

We are collecting clothing, accessories and other cloth items alongside the Canadian Kidney Foundation on OCTOBER 22 from 10-2pm.  Bring your unwanted items and help us earn $0.20 for every pound donated to put toward a playground for the New Brighton School.  Help us spread the word.  Every pound adds up!




Help us WIN $100 000 by VOTING

Those of you who were following us last year likely recall our Aviva submission.  We are trying it again and we need your HELP!

This year, they’ve allowed people to use all their votes at the same time if they wish. No need this year to remember to vote every day! Everyone gets 18 votes and we hope you’ll use all of yours for our idea.  We also hope you’ll recruit family, friends and neighbours to do the same.  That’s all we ask for…VOTES.  No money, no volunteering….  How easy is that?

Help us build this inclusive playground that will contain features that allow kids with special needs (physical, emotional or otherwise) to enjoy it as much as the other kids!  It’s a great thing for the school and community as a whole!



Register at and vote starting Tuesday.