Christmas Shopping Just Got a Whole Lot Easier and More Rewarding!



Our gift card fundraising partner, Fundscrip, just announced that they now sell gift cards!

Christmas shopping just got a whole lot easier and more rewarding.  Just follow the steps below to buy your loved ones presents while in your PJs with a coffee (or maybe a glass of wine) in hand from the comfort of your sofa and feel good about not only giving to others but giving back to the New Brighton School kids!

  1.  Put on your PJs, get your drink of choice, turn on the fireplace and get your tablet or computer handy.
  2. Sign in to your Fundscrip account.  If you don’t have an account already, what are you waiting for?
  3. Order your e-gift cards.
  4. Log onto and start shopping! offers books, electronics, music, movies and TV shows, video games and more! So use your e-cards for your everyday entertainment and shopping needs as well!

Click here to get started:

Or go to and find us with access code: 7AK8P6




2 thoughts on “Christmas Shopping Just Got a Whole Lot Easier and More Rewarding!

  1. This is a great fundraiser. We are excited to order but had to really search for an invitation code…. If it was included it in future emails/posts that would probably increase the odds of people signing up.



    • Thank you for the feedback Kim. Our links should all be linked directly to our page so that an invitation code is not required if you use the links. Was there a link you used that did not take you to the New Brighton School? I will include the code in the emails from here on in, as an added insurance.

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