Only 4 Days Left to Vote – Closes on Friday

Thank you to all of those who voted so far for our Aviva submission.  If you haven’t yet voted, please consider doing so.  It only takes a few moments to sign up (they need your info to ensure the vote is legitimate, anti-spam legislation allows you to opt out of emails so you don’t have to worry about being spammed).  You can cast all 18 of your votes at once.  Anyone 18 or over with an email address can vote so please pass this onto EVERYONE you know.  We need more than just our school community to vote in order to win.

Go here to vote:

Or visit and search for New Brighton School

We currently sit at 9866 votes (that’s approximately 548 people, assuming they cast all 18 votes for us).  Below is a chart to show where we need to be to make it to the final judging round.  We are in the Community Health (purple) $50 000-$100 000 category.


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