Tis the Season for Gift Cards!

With Christmas less than a month away and school ending in only a few weeks, many of us are thinking about those hard to buy for people and for what to get those teachers/babysitters/house cleaners etc… for a gift or tip.

Everyone loves a gift card!  They are perfect for those teenagers that prefer to pick out their own clothes, those teachers that need a night out or help supplementing their Starbucks habit (we’ve all seen how many are holding those venti cups in the morning….).  Whether you’re looking for babysitter thank-yous, a tip for your house cleaner, hair dresser or others, consider a gift card, and if you do decide on a gift card, buy them from us.  This costs nothing extra over purchasing them from the store, but the company who the gift card belongs to will donate a portion of the card cost to us to help with the playground.

Another great use for gift cards are to help budget for groceries or gift buying this season.  Just purchase the amount you want to spend in cards and when they’re spent, you’ve reached your limit.  Amazon cards, gas cards, grocery cards, department stores such as Sears or the Bay are all great options for gift buying/holiday season budgeting.

For the month of December, the following specials are on.  The cost to you is the same, but if you purchase these cards during this month, the school will receive a higher percentage back.

Sign up and order here:  https://www.fundscrip.com/support-a-group/7AK8P6

or go to www.fundscrip.com and use the invitation code 7AK8P6 to find our fundraiser.


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