Family Dance Party and Silent Auction with 50/50 Draw

We have teamed up with the New Brighton School Council to hold a silent auction of some of our items from our cancelled event during the Family Dance Party scheduled for June 15, 2017.  We will also be holding a 50/50 draw that night as well.  More details are below and we will add additional information as it becomes available.  All proceeds will be going to our playground fund.

School Dance Auction

Thank you for your Feedback!

We would like to thank everyone for taking time to complete our survey. We have received some great feedback that will help us improve our fundraisers and communications and tailor them to better meet the needs of our school families. With these adjustments we hope to see great future success. We look forward to evaluating the responses and setting a new direction for next year. If you have not yet responded and would like to do so, you can via this link:
We also encourage you to attend our next meeting on June 14th (after the 6pm school council meeting) if you would like to learn more about what we’re doing, why we’re doing it and discuss any ideas with us.

Letter from NBEPA


Hello fellow parents of New Brighton School students,

We are a group of parents of children attending New Brighton School.  We, like many of you, have jobs, some of us have newborns, some of us have young kids at home that we care for, some have health or personal issues that limit us daily.  Two years ago, we formed the New Brighton Elementary Parent’s Association, a fundraising society independent of the school, to raise funds to build a playground.  We volunteer our time outside of our regular duties and jobs and we take time away from our families to organize fundraisers to try and raise the $250 000 that we need to build a playground at the school.  Our goal was to have a playground in place by September 2017.  Last night, that goal was crushed.

Despite having approximately 450 students at our school, our Schank’s fundraiser presold a dismal 18 tickets.  Many of these were purchased by our own family members and friends.  Since us volunteers spent countless days over the last two months away from our families, on the phone, driving to pick up items, and planning our event, the lack of support from parents is very disheartening.  As a result of this lack of support, we have been forced to cancel the event which was to be held on Saturday night (May 27, 2017) at Schanks Sports Grill.

If you have purchased tickets via our online ticket sales, your money will be refunded to you.  If you purchased tickets via the school, we will be sending your money back for distribution through your child’s classroom .  Please contact if you have any questions or concerns about this, but please allow some time (until June 5, 2017) for the refunds to process prior to contacting us.  We thank those of you who did purchase tickets for your support and we deeply apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Our raffle of the Air Canada gift cards will continue on.  We will be drawing the winner at Schank’s on May 27, 2017 as originally planned and contacting them shortly thereafter.  We plan to show the draw on Facebook Live at 8pm on our Facbook site at

We hold these larger fundraiser events in order to attempt to raise more funds at a single event, rather than asking parents to donate even more time and effort selling products such as chocolates, magazines, coupon books etc…. Product selling requires families to spend time selling, collecting money, and then distributing the product.  As such, we feel attending a larger event is less intrusive for the families.  There is a great deal of work that goes into planning a large fundraiser, but us few are willing to take this on in order to ease the burden of the majority.  Without the support of families attending the event, however, we cannot be successful and all of that work goes to waste.

We are still far from our fundraising goal of $250 000.  We sit at near $38 000 after two years of efforts.  If the school is going to get a playground, we must do better but we can accomplish nothing without parent support, attendance and help.  We are able to get grants, but we must raise more money before we even qualify for some of those grants.

In order to help provide some direction to us for our future fundraising efforts, we NEED you to please take a few minutes to help us by filling out the following anonymous survey:

We would like to once again thank those few supporters of our fundraiser and the volunteers who made time to help us out during the preparation for this event.  We would also like to thank those who have supported us in the past and helped us get to the point we are at currently.  We again, apologize deeply for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Sincerely and regretfully,

The New Brighton Elementary Parent’s Association