School Information


New Brighton school holds 600 students in grades K-4 .  It is open to New Brighton kids only.


The school being built will provide instruction in the Regular program via the public school system.

Walk Zone

The entire community is within the designated walk zone for the school.  There are NO buses to the school, except for specialized TASC program students.


New Brighton School administration staff are as follows:

Patrick Murphy – Principal

Monique Koleyak – Assistant Principal

Angie Kulba – Administrative Secretary


Hours for New Brighton School are as follows (they are not expected to change much, but may change by a few minutes):

Grades 1-4:

Start: 8:10am

Lunch: 11:45-12:40pm

Dismissal (Mon-Thurs): 3:10pm

Dismissal Friday: 11:45pm


AM Start: 8:10am

AM Dismissal (Mon-Thurs): 11:00am

PM Start: 12:20pm

PM Dismissal (Mon-Thurs): 3:10pm

Both AM and PM classes will alternate attendance on Fridays.  Hours on Fridays for kindergarten will be 8:10am – 11:45am

Before and After School Care:

There are currently four options for before and after school care that we have been notified of:

1.  1st Class Preschool, which operates out of the New Brighton Resident’s Association Clubhouse, will be offering before and after school care for K to 4 classes attending the school. More information can be found at

2.  1st Class – After Class runs before and after school care within the New Brighton School.  More information on the program to run at the New Brighton School can be found here:

3.  New Brighton Child Care (the big building down the street at corner of New Brighton Heath and New Brighton Drive) will also be offering before and after school care for K-4 students.  They are a licensed and soon to be accredited program.  They can be reached at 587-471-7735 and/or emailed at for more information.

School Contact Info:

Location: 30 New Brighton Drive SE, Calgary, AB T2Z 0G7


Telephone:  403-777-8780 ext. 2300

Fax: 403-777-8789

Email (preferred mode of communication):

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