Without the help of volunteers, our effectiveness as a fundraising group, and in turn, the amount of resources and programs we can fund for the school, is limited.

We understand that people are busy, that they have other priorities and volunteering your time can be very difficult.  Without volunteer help, however, we can not be successful in reaching our goals.  More volunteers means:

  • Ability to run more and/or larger fundraisers with the result being more funds to go directly to the school in a shorter time.
  • Less time commitment per person resulting in increased likelihood of volunteer and board member retention.  This, in turn, results in a much more effective and efficient group.
  • Teaches children about the importance of giving back and working towards a common goal.

We strongly encourage you to consider volunteering for our fundraising events.  We typically only require an hour or two of your time and if you help us recruit your friends and family, that amount can be reduced to even less.  Let’s make this school the best that it can be and provide these kids with the best tools and programs to supplement their learning.

To sign up for our volunteer list, please contact us at volunteers@newbrightonschool.com.  We will also post volunteer requests on our social media sites as needs become available.